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Bank Access
Apr 5, 10 2:42 PM
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Welcome to After Midnight!

Thank you for checking us out.  We are a group of Hardcore After Midnight raiding guild of World of Warcraft.  We have a core of members that have started the Icecrown Citadel content.  We would love to eventually have enough members to host our own Guild Raids.  We ask all members to have ventrilo whether they have a mic or not.  We coordinate alot of what we do via vent.  So, if you have any input, vent is where you can voice it.  As far as raiding goes, we ask that you have a few handy addons to help to ensure your survivability.  The three core addons are:  DBM(Deadly Boss Mods), Omen-Threat-Meter and of course Vent.  DBM and Omen can both be downloaded using the Curse Client.  PvP is something we enjoy jumping into as well. Someone gets ganked, we try to get folks out there to make the offenders back off. That being said, if anyone would like to set some For the Horde runs up, feel free to do so.  Once again, welcome to After Midnight!  We hope that you will join us and enjoy playing all aspects of the game with us.

~Mozzin, Guild Officer
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Bank Access

KiLLMasTer20, Apr 5, 10 2:42 PM.
If you want access to the guild bank you will need to contribute and help the guild more you do the more rank / access you get
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